Arris TG1672G Review – Touchstone Telephony Gateway

Shopping for a wireless telephony gateway is never easy, especially with so many brands and models on the open market. The best and only way to ensure you make the right choice the first go-round is to stick with the top name-brand, such as Arris. Even Arris has several telephone gateway models, including the Arris TG1672G Touchstone.

This particular model is unique, as it is comprised of state-of-the-art technologies to offer both wireless access and digital telephone service. With the latest technologies, the TG1672G Touchstone Telephony Gateway has revolutionized the way people communicate with each other.

Arris TG1672G Review and Spec.

Arris TG1672G Review


Dual-Analog Voice Lines

It is a fact that people of the modern world spend the majority of their day on their phones. Why is this different from before? When people had only the vintage analog telephone system, they were limited to a single line. Of course, most businesses tend to upgrade to the multi-telephone line system to ensure efficient operations across the board.

With this said, the analog telephone system was very limited. Unlike the cellular phone, the analog telephone system was only good for one thing, which was one-on-one communication via a landline. This was until the full-duplex telephone system came alone. With this new technology, three or more people could communicate with each other at the same time.

The modern cellphone has unlimited features, such as wireless access, camera, fitness monitoring, and of course, telephone communication. To keep things up-to-date, Arris designed its TG1672G with dual-analog voice lines, one of which can be utilized for business and the other for personal use.

Suitable For Work-From-Home Applications

Suitable For Work-From-Home Applications

The Arris Model TG1672G has a diverse interface, making it suitable for both home and work-from-home applications. The unit has two 802.11n radios that operate independently and simultaneously. This technology utilizes MIMO (multiple inputs/multiple outputs) to increase the WLAN (Wireless Local Area Network) speed, wireless range, and improve reliability. All of these qualities will play a major role in your work-from-home setup.

The TG1672G is guaranteed to offer the best of both worlds – analog telephone service and wireless Internet service, both of which are important for in-home businesses.

Four Gigabyte Ethernet Ports

There is no doubt many wireless routers are limited when it comes to Ethernet. Fortunately, this cannot be said about the TG1672G, as it has not one but for Gigabyte Ethernet ports. In a work-from-home business analog telephone/wireless connection setup, the Ethernet port is crucial. You can utilize these ports to connect your printer, fax machine, and other electronic devices directly to the TG1672. These connections will guarantee stability, reliability, and up to 400Mbps.

Never again will you be left dealing with wireless interference, loss of signal, or a weak signal due to a poor connection. The four Gigabyte Ethernet ports are ideal for at-home businesses since all business applications rely on Internet connections for communication, data management, inventory management, and other important operational processes.

1-Year Warranty

It doesn’t matter if you are investing in a car, a livestock animal, or a modern piece of technology, you always want to make sure that you get at least a year warranty. While this is usually the industry standard, it does give you peace of mind that if anything goes wrong within that first year, you’ll be covered.

All you have to do is contact Arris customer support and they’ll handle the issue for you, given that the problem falls on the manufacturer’s side. That being said, if support is needed for replacing the modem, that’s what the company will do. If they have to completely replace the modem free of charge, they will do so within this first year of ownership.

Intel’s Multi-Processor Technology

A lot of today’s modems and router are equipped with technologies. Impressive technologies to say the least, but it will be hard to find one that matches Intel’s multi-processor. With this type of technology, the TG1672G can some of the highest bandwidth speeds that you’ll see possible on a modem. However, that’s not the most impressive part. The most impressive part is that it’ll do all this without affecting the ARRIS legendary standard voice quality.

Beamforming Technology

Setting up a reliable network in the home or office can be more than tricky these days. This is especially true if you are in an older building or an elaborately designed building. While certain walls and building materials might look better than your average, they do offer that extra layer of insulation or resistance. Insulation and resistance that will not only block your Internet signal, but it’ll bounce it in a completely different direction.

While there is no technology to completely eliminate this issue, there is a technology that can help ease the burden. This technology is beamforming technology, and it comes built-in with the TG1672G. The beamforming technology actually shoots the signal at the intended devices. Simply put, you get a stronger, more reliable connection than what you’d get with a traditional modem.

Easy Installation

The TG1672G Touchstone has a user-friendly installation process. Just follow the step-by-step installation guide in the installation manual to complete the process. If you encounter an issue or have questions that need to be answered, you can contact Arris customer service. An experienced representative will answer your questions and lead you through the entire process from beginning to end.

Sleek, Upright Design

When most people look for a modem/router combo, they don’t really pay attention to the design of the box. Well, this can sometimes be a mistake. Especially when you get the device home and find out that it won’t properly install into the intended space.

While there is always extra wire and room to move around, it never feels good to have to deviate from your original plans. Luckily, this should not be a problem with this ARRIS modem. This modem features a sleek, upright design that makes the body more compact than ever. The dimensions are 12 x 9.2 x 2.3 inches, with a weight of 2.59 pounds.

While this might seem impressive alone, one of the more impressive things is the modem can actually be tipped on its side. If a side installation is more suitable for your configuration, you’ll have the option right there available at your fingertips. In addition to all of this, you don’t really so as much have to worry about trying to conceal this modem. A lot of customers will want to conceal their clunky modems, to eliminate a cluttered look.

This is not something that you’ll have to worry about with this compact and sleek design. The body is super sharp with glossy black materials and really shines. It looks like some out of the future, so it’ll likely fit right in sitting next to the rest of your networking devices.

Carrier-Grade VoIP

It is likely that you’ve heard of VoIP, you just might not be entirely familiar with what it is and why it is important when shopping for a modem these days. Well, VoIP stands for voice over Internet protocol, sometimes referred to as IP telephony, Internet Telephony, or Internet calling.

Simply put, it is an alternative, cheaper, and more affordable way to make phone calls these days. Just because we are using the term “phone calls”, it doesn’t necessarily mean that a phone has to be present. In fact, it is likely that you make “phone calls” all the time without a traditional headset, but just never pay any attention to it or don’t even think of it this way.

What do you think you are doing when you’re voice chatting? You’re essentially making a phone call. It is the VoIP technology in your device that makes this possible. VoIP comes backed with a lot of advantages that you wouldn’t normally get with a traditional LAN line. The main being the affordability.

You can make a quick, long-distance phone call at nearly just a fraction of the price that you’d pay with a traditional phone carrier. All that aside, this is where a carrier-grade VoIP comes in handy. A carrier-grade is a type of network that is just more reliable, well-tested, and redundant.

Overall Assessment

Tired of dealing with a poor wireless connection and unreliable telephone service? If so, it may be time to trade your existing wireless router with a telephone line in for the Arris TG1672 Touchstone Gateway Package. The unit has everything you need to communicate with consumers and access the Internet with little to no interference. The unit is guaranteed to deliver speeds up to 400Mbps and much more.

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