Arris TM1602 Review – Main Features Included Inside!

It goes without saying that having a good modem is essential to have a good and reliable internet connection. After all, it is the modem’s responsibility to transmit digital traffic into your internet connection.

Everybody only wants the best. In order to find out which modem really rules them all, we are going to review Arris TM1602. Arris has already established its own reputation when it comes to telecommunication equipment. Their products not only boast about doing a great job with what it is supposed to be doing but also looking absolutely amazing all the while.

Arris TM1602


The question is, does Arris TM1602 live up to its brand, or is it some black sheep among the flock?

Let us start with some pros and cons.

Arris TM1602 Pros

  • Cost-efficient

Initially speaking, renting could be tempting since it seems to cost less. However, this is not necessarily true. In the long run, you will still be renting the modem even after surpassing the amount which you could have used to buy one. In addition to that, you will not be owning a modem. In this sense, Arris will help you save a lot of bucks for any kind of hobby you have left. Plus, the TM1602 also provides better service than those generic modems they will rent out to you. In any case, buying a modem is the right choice to pick.

  • Design

The Arris TM1602 looks amazing. Its jet-black color complements almost every decoration set. It both looks cool and luxurious. The unit is also small and compact. It does not take much space and can easily be hidden if you prefer not to keep it in sight. Of course, that would also entail that it is lightweight without compromising its durability.

  • Compatibility with internet service providers

Compatibility is important. You do not want to choose a modem that will not let you access the plan you are paying for. Arris TM1602 is compatible with all major internet providers. Obviously, if you somehow chose a modem that is not suitable for your internet provider, you only have two options: change your modem or change your internet provider. Either of which will cost you extra bucks so it is better to ensure that the modem is compatible with the provider.

  • The simple setup

The Arris TM1602’s setup is so simple that you actually do not really need to pay for installation. You can just do it yourself. Setting it up should only take around ten minutes and without any cost. Although, you will need an alternative internet connection if you want to self-install the modem since you will have to access the website of your service provider.

After doing so, you will have to open the self-install page and fill out some details. The final step includes jotting in the MAC, CMAC, and MTA numbers. After these, you are all ready to go without really shedding a single penny. Oh, you can also do all these over the phone.


  • No instructions included

Even though the setup and installation are fairly easy, it could still be a bit daunting to know that there are no set company instructions to lead you through. Do not worry though. There is always the internet to help guide you through every step of the process. If you can’t do it still, you can opt to watch a video or even call their customer service.

  • No firewall

A firewall is very important when it comes to internet security. In layman’s terms, it is a bug repellant to keep all those dirty viruses away. Unfortunately, though, this unit does not come along with it. That does not mean that you can not get yourself protected with one. Simply means that you will have to avail of one separate to this product.

Arris TM1602 Main Features 

Modem Arris Touchstone Tm1602

Now that all those pros and cons are laid down, it is time to look at what other features the TM1602 has. After all, it boasts about a gamut of features.

  • 24×8 bonded channels

What a bonded channel does is sending out data by spreading it to two or more lines. With the header alone, you would have already implied that the TM1602 has 24×8 bonded channels. This basically means that it has 24 channels specifically for downloading and another eight channels specific for uploading.

If you are familiar with modems or have browsed other modems, you would have noticed that most of them only have 16×4 bonded channels. Yes, even the older Arris modems. Since this unit has 24×8 bonded channels, it can easily support bigger plans without really having frequent interruption and getting faster than before.

  • Two-line of VoIP

 VoIP stands for Voice over IP. It is a modern mode of placing your calls. The old way is using a telephone line to connect your calls to others. VoIP, however, uses internet lines which provide a wider range than a common telephone line. The TM1602 is equipped with not one, but two lines of VoIP. This allows the user more choices. Basically, the user can choose what to do with both lines.

It can be one for personal use and the other for business purposes only. In contrast, it could also be both for business purposes only. In essence, it grants the user more connectivity without the extra hassle of worrying about your telephone lines. To top it off, it is also more convenient than your traditional phone system.

  • Dual-Stack IPv4/IPv6

The TM1602 supports dual-stack IPv4/IPv6. Even though IPv6 is the newer version of the two, we still need to wait for a while before it dominates the market. While that is still yet to happen, you will want a modem that can access both internet protocols. That is where the TM1602 will come in.

It is equipped with a dual-stack which allows all servers, networking devices, etc. under your internet service provider’s network to configure to both of these protocols. In simple terms, you just have to sit back and relax. There will not be any problem with IP address conversions.

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Where should I use the TM1602?

 Generally speaking, you can use TM1602 for your general internet needs. However, there are certain populations or activities which will benefit more from it.

  • Heavy Duty Programs

The TM1602 is equipped with good enough specifications to handle higher-tiered internet plans. Simply speaking, it can easily run heavy-duty programs without any sort of issues or problems. It is like an Incredible Hulk modem. It is the ideal modem for those whose job is to download and/or upload loads of materials.

  • Gaming and Streaming

 It may sound not much, but gaming and streaming are huge tolls on your internet. That is also the reason why you may be experiencing frequent lags and buffering. If that happens, it will make your experience unenjoyable and may even lead to rage-induced violence. Nobody likes that. The TM1602 ensures your connectivity so you can make the most out of your time and kick everybody else’s ass.

  • Small Businesses

 TM1602 also has small businesses’ backs. The 24×8 bonded channels feature will come in handy by then. It ensures that your connection runs smoothly. In addition to that, the two VoIP lines are also another tool that may help. You can basically set up an extension to your office number or just use the other one for fax. Businesses with international clients may also want to utilize this. After all, VoIP provides better connectivity and better voice quality compared to traditional phone lines.

Anything Else To Know Before Making A Purchase?

Well, yes. Here are some things to keep in mind before you swipe your card or hand over the cash.

  • Modem Only

The TM1602 is only a modem and does not include a WiFi router. Do not expect a router to come along with it. Yes, some devices do offer to have both modem and router in a single device. However, the TM1602 does not have that feature. After purchasing this, you will also need to buy a separate router to make your internet works.

On the other hand, purchasing a modem and a router separately does offer you the option to mix and match. It does not limit your choices and you may also opt to upgrade your network by purchasing a modem separate from the router.

  • Be Careful With Imitations

This one is almost common sense. You always have to ensure that the product you are purchasing is authentic. If not, then there is a chance of buying an imitation or a stolen product. If that is the case, then the product you end up purchasing could be faulty and you can even be an accessory to a crime. There will also be no warranty whatsoever and there is that looming feeling that you got scammed by some random hobo. Avoid all of these by ensuring that the product you are about to buy is legitimate and original.

Setting up your ARRIS Internet

Final point

So does the Arris TM1602 actually live up to the Arris standard? Yes, it does. It has all the features and speculations that ensure the customers about its dependability. Plus, it will also make you save some bucks while performing a lot better than those generic routers internet service providers are offering you. In addition to that, it has multitudes of uses: be it maximizing high-tier internet plans, gaming, and streaming, or for business purposes. Overall, it is a great modem and a good investment.