Best Router Settings for Gaming

For online gamers, nothing possesses more terribleness than encountering major hitches with faulty, wrong, or not-up-to-par routers. As a gamer, the most horrific nightmare you could suffer is when your router isn’t competent enough to process and maintain some level of pace with your internet speed – oh yeah, that hurts to the bones.

On most occasions, even after you must have overseen some highly-demanding expenses just so you can enjoy a fast and smooth connection, you might be devastated to find out that it just isn’t working out as you expect. The most likely cause of scenarios such as this is your router, and that is why you need to be kept abreast of how you can sort the ugly issue once and for all.

Best Router Settings for Gaming

Best Router Settings for Gaming

This guide has been carefully prepared to provide you with the much-needed recipes you need in the form of tweaks and tips, so you don’t have to be a victim of this suffering more than once.

What Are The Reasons For The Overhyping Of Gaming Routers?

The primary purpose of a gaming router is so it can help in the optimization of network settings for the meaningful use of providing you top-notch gaming experience – the best possible one you can enjoy. Those words, however, are that of a marketer trying to sell their product to you, thereby making you believe gaming routers are surreal when compared to the regular ones.

Indeed, there was a period when gaming routers had their moments and proved to be the missing piece of a gamer’s puzzle – periods when gamers source for means to enjoy maximum fun and pleasure in their gaming experience.

However, after undergoing some evolution in recent years, one would expect these gaming routers to have surpassed expectations. But as a matter of fact, the reverse has sadly been the case.

Although the modern collection of routers (both gaming and regular ones) are now well-equipped to handle smooth gaming sessions, it is still not advisable to settle for cheap routers. This is because even though you purchase some very affordable one, it might end up not becoming what you envisaged. In other words, it may not last for as long as you would expect. Say at most, a year.

To further explain what I’m mentioning, you can opt for a router that appears to potentially give you value for your money, because of course, you want to spend as less and also as wisely as possible. What you should, however, bear in mind is that the fact that you find a specific one labeled as one for gaming doesn’t entirely mean it’s superior to the other type.

To sum it all up, the source for the router with the right specifications that match your taste, but don’t go out of your way to exceed your budget the moment you see the “for gaming” tag on a router. It might not be all the same when you use it as it is on paper.

Outstanding Features A Router Should Have + Gaming Tips

Features A Router Should Have + Gaming Tips

To enjoy significant benefits during gaming sessions such as network performance maximization, network hitches reduction, and possibly, a massive turnaround in uninterrupted gaming, there are key features and tips you need to be aware of. They are carefully and comprehensively explained below.

  • Quality of Service:

This is a great router feature that does an excellent job of ensuring that selected data packets for selected devices are placed on top prioritization. The Quality of Service feature is most enjoyable when different users are all not just on the same network, but also running activities that are network-consuming.

A very typical explanatory example of what I’m saying is when you’re enjoying some “Netflix and Chill” (in Hi-Definition) moment with your partner, while your child is also using the same network to have a Skype or FaceTime session with their friends. Both of these activities attract loads of bandwidth usage, with gaming getting the least share of the spotlight.

Network congestion causes your data packets to lag. Still, when you enable the Quality of Service feature, you can make it possible for gaming to get prioritized over the other network users like Skype, Netflix, as well as torrent download data.

When you do this, the next time you get ready for your gaming session, the gaming data leaves the router and goes straight to your device, ensuring that you have a smooth gaming adventure.

  • Gigabit Ethernet Ports:

Wi-Fi is cool, I mean, it’s an excellent option. But if your preference between Ethernet and Wi-Fi should always be Ethernet whenever you’re gaming. This is because using Wi-Fi automatically means that you’re picking the comfort that being cable-free provides over latency and speed. I don’t know what you do like, but that’s not a great choice.

If you want to enjoy the maximum performance when gaming, for your improved performance as well, you should choose by using a router that has Gigabit Ethernet ports. This way, you would be entitled to speeds up to 25 MB per second that Gigabit Ethernet can comfortably handle.

If you have your router rooted in another room, that would be the best time to make use of powerline adapters. With these adapters, you can complete transfers of internet data via regular power outlets.

They’re always in twos. With the first one, you establish a connection to your router using the Ethernet, while the second one does the work of creating a link to your device using Ethernet.

In a nutshell, you can use Wi-Fi for gaming, but if you want to game like a pro, Gigabit Ethernet is precisely what you need.

  • Wireless AC and Dual-Band Support:

Ethernet, as I said, is a great idea. But not everyone likes it, and if that includes you, then a wireless AC router is something you should have at the least.

The 5GHz band is a product of the wireless AC router and is a preferable option to the previously used 2.4GHz band, given its improved reliability and speed. The only disadvantage, however, is that it works with a shorter range.

The dual-band Wi-Fi allows and works with both the 5GHz and 2.4GHz bands. Having the opportunity to enjoy the services of both bands is a great opportunity you should relish because with the 2.4GHz band, you can use older devices, and with the 5GHz band, you can make enjoyable use of your media devices, as well as for gaming.


The Multi-User, Multiple Input, Multiple Output features, otherwise known as MU-MIMO, is a feature that is of substantial importance if different devices are feasting on your network.

It possesses the versatility much needed to run your online gaming session, enjoy some Netflix streaming sessions, enjoy torrent downloads, without forgetting FaceTime or Skype sessions. And you can do all these at the same time.

Not using the MU-MIMO strips your router of its freedom and capacity to allow all these network-sensitive activities at the same time, and instead results in a lower speed as each of these devices would have to be served one after the other.

  • Wireless Channels:

The fact that Wi-Fi signals can spark some interference with each other is just one out of the long list of reasons why you should opt against the use of Wi-Fi for gaming purposes. When such interference takes place, and a connection is established with a signal, the journey to its destination wouldn’t be successful, giving rise to the need for the resending of the data.

There will be an increase in the loss of latency and packet when enough interference occurs.

Although interference is more likely to occur when you’re on the 2.4GHz band, it can happen on both bands (2.4GHz and 5GHz.)

Whether you’re using the 2.4GHz or the 5GHz band, you should be well aware that you should carry out a comprehensive analysis of your Wi-Fi network, search for and locate the channel you use the least. Once you have found the circuit, the next step will be to set your router up so that it can make use of the channel. Doing this should be helpful in monitoring and maintaining proper interference and congestion.

  • CPU and RAM:

When looking to get new mobile devices and computers, the foremost considerations we put in cognizance are the Central Processing Unit (CPU) and the Random Access Memory (RAM). This is because these two play considerable roles in determining the speed of the processors, and the faster the processors, the better the enjoyment you get in return.

However, the same can not be said about routers. I’m guessing you want to know why. Well, who wouldn’t? Honestly, it is not a necessity for routers to handle applications that make intensive use of resources. I’m talking about apps like Photoshop. But handling loads of network data every time is what they do have to do.

Having a weak Central Processing Unit exposes it to the possibility of not being competent enough to handle tasks that consume network heavily.

Each second sees games transfer and collect tons of data. When you include the ones that are transferred and received during video streaming sessions, file downloads, Skype or video chat sessions, etc. from different devices connected on networks, the router becomes incompetent if it’s weak.

A cheaper router can handle tasks from your smartphone and computer if they’re the only ones connected to the network. But when you include laptops, other phones, smart televisions, various tablets, and other internet-consuming devices, then you would need a fast CPU.

  • Scheduled Reboots

The traditional remedy that is prescribed when a device has a slight internal malfunction has always been that the device is switched off and turned on again.

The need to take up this remedy mostly arises when you’re using an older version or model of a router, since the technology used in producing them are old as well, and are prone to little hitches when being used.

To properly take care of issues like this, you would need to set up and configure the automatic reboot schedule, making it easier for your router to restart itself when it experiences any hitch so that users can be restored. To do this, you should get a DD-WRT and replace your router firmware with it.

If you do not fancy the idea, however, a programmable timer switch is another excellent substitute you can get. This device makes it possible for your router to be plugged into it, making it easy to run scheduled automatic reboots.

Final Words

The whole process of enjoying seamless gaming sessions begins right from the kind of router you use, down to the processor. This is why when you want to get a router for gaming porpoises, you should do well to buy the ones that would serve you better, to avoid unnecessary frustration and discomfort.