How To Boost Your Internet Speed

Getting speedy Internet connectivity has not been more crucial than it has lately. As the Covid-19 pandemic alters how we work recently necessitating the need to work from home, only high-speed Wi-Fi can accommodate uninterrupted use of the Web –  From watching live videos to other purposes like getting your kids access to play their fun games, a fast WiFi is all you need to make the most of your Internet activities during this period.

How To Boost Your Internet Speed

How To Boost Your Internet Speed

If you must make the most of your bandwidth, ensure you look out for the suggested tips below:

Run A Speed Measurement

Tackling a particular problem requires that you dig deep into its source so you can prescribe and follow solutions to get it rectified. If you wish to have a full grasp of the problem(s) you’re faced with, the very first thing you need to do is to carry out a speed measurement test for your Wi-Fi for you to ascertain its quality.

There are ways you can perform this task, and one of the utilizable options is making use of your laptop. To use this method, locate the browser on your computer, open it, and run the test.

The other option you can make use of is your phone. This option would require you to activating the Airplane Mode and then switching the Wi-Fi on. The reason for enabling the Airplane Mode is, so you have confirmed your cellular data isn’t on and isn’t being used.

You would need to try different positions (expanding to rooms) to get better/more reliable signals, and it is during this speed test session that you would find out the places or spots where you have better or stronger signals.

When you’re done testing, you can, therefore, select the area with the most robust and most reliable signal for continued usage.

Run A Network Check

If you ever think that there’s no reason to check your network, you’re probably wrong and chances are that the network is where the problem lies – which provides you the reason to run the check.

Sometimes, you think your device is connected firmly to your network, whereas it isn’t. You just discover that your network is running slow, thereby not serving the primary purpose that it should. During times like this, the portable hotspot is what you might have on, and if you want to use a network, it has to be put off so the Wi-Fi can establish a connection to a network.

Also, carrying out a confirmation check on your network wouldn’t take forever. It’s just a quick check, and you’re done.

Purchase Adequate Bandwidth

There would probably come a time when the usual data volume you consume in a given period (mostly monthly) would no longer be sufficient for your usage anymore. This happens when you’ve probably upgraded your device, or when you’ve begun spending more time online and engaging in more activities on the internet.

If you’re a gamer, you’d probably want to test new waters by checking out more games that may require larger data volume, or spend some time on virtual conference meetings. These activities consume data (a lot – depending mainly on your mode or amount of usage), and when you begin to run short on them, the best decision you’d make would be to purchase a sufficient bandwidth.

Ensure You’re Making Proportional Use Of Your Bandwidth

Making Proportional Use Of Your Bandwidth

There is a possibility of another scenario where even though you’ve carried out a check on your network, the speed still doesn’t improve. If this is the case, then there is a considerable likelihood that the coverage you get around your house isn’t used to its full potential. The most probable reason for this scenario is when your ISP chokes up network traffic.

Sorting this issue means you either have to have an assessment done on your bill, or reach out to the customer service for them to run a check on it and probably answer some questions you might have to ask.

Another different reason could also be that you’re still on an older package that still gives you coverage restrictions – including a reduced speed rate. Hence, the better option amongst the two at your disposal would be to contact the customer service because they would be in the best position to let you know if you need to do an upgrade.

The last cause of network hitch is expiration or used up data. This, however, isn’t the reason that gets you caught off guard because before your data getting exhausted or expired, you would be notified by ISPs promptly. It also would be an excellent idea if you carried out periodic checks to know whether there has been a network upgrade done in your area.

Take Advantage Of The Current Situation

Due to the Coronavirus outbreak, there have been significant deals made available to customers that come as Covid-19 relief bonus packages. We now have ISPs (like Xfinity, Spectrum, and Altice) playing a major role in easing data costs burden by gifting new customers two full months of service for free, but those entitled to this package are those customers who have students between the kindergarten and college levels.

Other efforts have been made by ISPs towards their customers and they include the following:

  • Removal of data caps
  • Allowing non-subscribers the luxury of still connecting to their Wi-Fi network
  • Internet speed increases.

To find out if you fall under the category of people who can enjoy some of these benefits, ensure you visit the website of your network provider.

Try Changing Your Wireless Router’s Position

Change Your Wireless Router's Position

The next step available for you to take after you’ve had your bandwidth test done is to try moving your wireless router to a different spot. This should especially be done if the examination you carried out disclosed that some places you checked are not rich in-network coverage.

To get the best result, move to switch your router’s position from the traditional close-to-the-wall option to a more central location. The reason for this is that Wi-Fi (radios) have a hard time securing a penetration through walls before linking up with your device(s).

You should also look out for metallic pieces of equipment or objects and ensure that your router is observing “social distancing” them. Additionally, ensure you also keep it away from significant water containers because Wi-Fi and lots of water don’t go well in any way.

Switch Channels

Making a channel change is one of the best ways you can solve the said issue, especially if your Wi-Fi network is just one amongst a host of others around you. Some Wi-Fi networks tend to interfere with each other and pick up frequencies amongst one another. This might, therefore, affect the functionality of your network.

If you have tried all or some of the previous steps and haven’t noticed an improvement, navigate your way to your router’s settings, massive other channels a try, and then find out if you’d discover any change or development at all.

Make The 5GHZ Switch

There are two separate frequency bands that the current Wi-Fi routers operate on. If the router isn’t the 2.4GHz type, then it is of the 5GHz band. There are significant differences between these two frequency bands, and they are:

  • The 5GHz frequency band, as expected, comes with a lot more speed than what the 2.4GHz has to offer.
  • Making use of the 5GHz means that you’re less likely to experience network interference, compared to the other.
  • The 2.4GHz band is vulnerable not only to microwave oven interferences, but also some of those phones that don’t have cords.

If you know you can afford to make the switch, you should do so if your router 5GHz-compatible. If not, then you should focus on being on the hunt for a new router.

You need to have the understanding that the 5G network and the 5GHz frequency band are two entirely different species, and their similarity doesn’t go beyond their names. So it is better that you either don’t get yourself confused or allow anyone else to do the honors.

Buy Yourself A Wi-Fi Extender

Buy Yourself A Wi-Fi Extender

It’s not in all cases that you are successful in moving your router from the less-productive spot to a better one, and it’s not something you should worry about. So if you have tried moving it but didn’t get the desired result, or couldn’t get it moved at all, getting a Wi-Fi extender should be the next item on the list.

When you get it, the best place to mount it is the spot where there is a weak signal.

A Mesh Network Is Also A Good Idea

The ultimate solution you can opt for if you want to enjoy a much better speed is to have your whole Wi-Fi network replaced. But this is one option you shouldn’t consider in such a hurry.

If your network hasn’t lasted long enough, say about five years or less, you shouldn’t be thinking of getting it entirely changed (except, of course, if you wish to). However, if it has served, you got over five years, and possibly stretching to 10 or above, then maybe the time for change has come.

If you decide to move on, then Mesh networks are an excellent idea for you. There are many Mesh networks you can choose from, including TP-Link Deco, Eero, Google Nest, amongst others. These networks are an assured upgrade to the regular ones, talking about convenience, reliability, and speed.

Currently, the most recent routers have been built to support the Wi-Fi 6, a Wi-Fi network version that may not be available for any of your devices. But if you want to buy for a long-term purpose, you can keep having your devices upgraded so they can become compatible with the Wi-Fi 6 network.

Final Words

The frustration that a slow internet speed causes us is almost always unbearable – if not always – hence, the reason for you to ensure that you get spend resources (even if it means that you would have to go a little bit out of your way) ensuring that you’re free from the undeserved torture.

Bear in mind that whatever you have to go through in improving your network speed will be well with it later on because you don’t want to undergo the mental stress that weak or slow network can cause.

The benefits that come with a top network speed include enjoyable streaming sessions, fast-paced gaming experience, swift online studies, including smooth internet usage for various other purposes. These online activities are best enjoyed when connected to reliable & fast internet, and not only is it precisely what you deserve, it would also save you some stress.