Motorola MB8600 vs Netgear CM1000

If you have found yourself here, naturally you have been trying to find the best wireless router and cable modem available for your family (or possibly for your organization or small business internet needs), and you have likely hit an impasse. You have done some research and found the Motorola MB8600 model and it seems promising, but you’ve also likely discovered the Netgear CM1000 and you see how it could also be the right decision.

In that situation, if you feel torn between these two; Motorola MB8600 vs Netgear CM1000 (both valid and strong) choices for wireless routers as well as cable modems for your home or business, worry no more. By the end of this article, you’ll have all the information you might desire to make the appropriate choice.

A Comparison: Motorola MB8600 vs Netgear CM1000

Motorola Mb8600 vs Netgear CM1000

We can certainly understand the time and effort you’ve spent so far on this investment. After all, the selection that you make regarding your access to the internet and social media is no small matter. Most internet service providers like AT&T or Verizon (also known, as you likely already know, as ISPs) are all-too-happy to supply you with a rented wireless router and charge a router rental fee attached to your bill which can be slow, draining financial burden.

You’ve taken your future into your own hands and declared yourself to be financially independent of those rotten router rental fees and you made that decision the moment you clicked the link that led you here. But without any delay, let’s get started heling you find your ideal wireless router and cable modem attached between the Motorola MB8600 or the Netgear CM1000.

Motorola MB8600 Review

Motorola MB8600


First, let’s check out our opening contender as he steps into the ring, the Motorola MB8600. It needs not to be said that Motorola has earned their pedigree in the field of internet accessibility or internet-accessible devices, they are likely one of the brand names you think of instantly when considering modern technology manufacturers, along with Sony and Samsung as one of the established brands. Founded back in 1928, Motorola actually had their beginnings in a city most wouldn’t expect, that of Chicago.

However, it was founded as the Galvin Manufacturing Corporation instead were two brothers (Paul and Joseph Galvin) bought the manufacturing equipment left behind by a company that has gone bankrupt. For a total of $750, the legacy corporation Motorola was born and began leaving their mark on the electronics industry permanently.

And what a mark they’ve left! Did you know that the words Neil Armstrong spoke as he landed on the moon were spoken into a Motorola-manufactured mobile device? The immortal “one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind” words we’ve all learnt and came to appreciate for their majesty, those were uttered into a Motorola device. More like “one giant leap for Motorola”, am I right?

That history is naturally why you’d consider Motorola (and more specifically the Motorola MB8600) for the supplier of your wireless router requirements for your family home, or maybe for a business you’ve decided to start or bring to the next level.

When asked during an interview about the wide variety of technology used to help Apollo 11 (the shuttle containing Neil Armstrong in addition to Buzz Aldrin and other astronauts) reach the moon, here’s what Neil Armstrong himself had today, “The technology was “good enough.” Fifty years from now, people will ask, “How did you manage to do what you did in 2009 with that primitive technology?” Today you don’t worry about how good it is. It is “good enough” to do what we are doing.”

Sure, that might not sound like it speaks very highly of Motorola or any of the major technology-based companies that provided their services and offered their goods to be utilized in the achievement of putting the first humans on the moon. But consider it this way, instead, that a quote like that shows the practicality and responsibility shown by Motorola and other industries similar to them.

It wasn’t about whether you had the perfect resources, honed to their sharpest points. Motorola and others shared Neil Armstrong’s belief that you started with what you had and where you were and you built yourself a future with that. Strong advice, especially for someone preparing for a purchase like their own wireless router and cable modem.

Benefits of Buying Motorola MB8600

Motorola MB8600

Now, Motorola promises a savings of at least $156 per year in rental fees from your ISPs through their wireless router. That’s certainly promising, but what will that extra $156 truly mean to you or your family (or small business venture) if you aren’t entirely satisfied with your purchase and the subsequent performance of a router. That would be an impressive amount of money earned by being miserable if indeed, it was an unsatisfying situation you found yourself in. Luckily, that isn’t the last promise made by the Motorola MB8600. Let’s look at a few more.

The MB8600 promises that it can work while connected to any wireless router you might need to use with it, so you already have accessibility that might not be seen elsewhere. But more than that, there are even higher speeds promised and assured by Motorola to be found by taking advantage of the direct-wired connection afforded by the MB8600. These speeds are guaranteed on their behalf to reach over 1,000 Megabytes per second (or 1,000+ Mbps, as it’s abbreviated in our industry).

But just how fast is 1,000 Mbps to the average family or small business, how can you convert a figure like that into understanding how much enjoyment will be brought by a random statistic such as that, Well, speeds like that were previously unbelievable back in the 1990s during the earliest days of the internet as we know it. More common then were speeds closer to 56,000 Kilobytes per second. You might be confused possibly and ask, “Well, wait a second.

How can 56,000, a number clearly higher than 1,000, even be thought of as the lesser when it very obviously isn’t?” And that is why the ‘Kilobytes’ next to the 56,000 matters so much when compared to the ‘Megabytes’ next to the 1,000. See, Megabytes are actually the larger set amount of measurement, so much so that 1,000 Kilobytes fit into every Megabyte.

What does that mean to these two figures? Simply speaking, it means that the impressively-deceiving 56,000 Kbps only amounts to 56 Mbps. So, suddenly, we are instead of comparing 1,000+ (remember, after all, that the MB8600 promises FASTER than that) to a rather tiny and unimpressive 56. Just 56. I think the difference in speed is much more seen in such a frame of reference. One is more a lion, and the other is a mouse.

So rest assured that the 1,000+ Mbps offered and assured is more than enough to satisfy the needs of your family. It means that you’ll be able to finish that paper you promised your boss you’d have done today remotely from the comfort of your own home WHILE streaming Tiger King on your Netflix account or music from your Spotify Premium smoothly and altogether lossless.

But those speeds don’t stop satisfying there, what about if one of your children is busy playing Fortnite on their Playstation 5 console online with their friends WHILE you’re streaming your services and working diligently at that paperwork? Will it be tested then? Our experience with the Motorola MB8600 says, “Hardly.” You can even, for the final comparison, include your beautiful wife browsing online for jewelry on Amazon Prime or some other shopping site, watching consumer reviews on YouTube, and listening to podcasts she enjoys.

That’s positively correct, all three of you will still be taking advantage of your new Motorola MB8600 without even the slightest lags in speed, That’s the guarantee of Motorola.

Now, this is important to consider, even though Motorola has mentioned prior to this point that the MB8600 will work easily with any internet service provider, it has also stated in press releases that they personally recommend Comcast internet speeds in junction with their services. If you want the ‘+’ in ‘1,000+ Mbps” amplified as high as can be, it seems Motorola recommends the ISP Comcast to be used with their modem. That might or might not be something worth influencing your decision.

As you’ve likely already expected with Motorola, that brand name speaks volumes for how easy the setup should be of the materials sold by their corporation, and the MB8600 is no different. Three simple jacks in the back of the modem and you are online with ease. Those three are the power, the coax cable, and the Ethernet jack.

Motorola Mb8600 2-Years Warranty

But even with all this information we’ve worked hard to supply and seek out, you might still be uncertain or hesitant. What happens, you might be asking, if I trust you and purchase this product (or the Netgear for that matter) and I’m still unhappy (and even worse, if your family or small business coworkers are also unhappy as well)? Such a mistake seems incapable of being corrected, and yet, you’d be mistaken about the capability to correct it.

That’s due to the two-year warranty offered competitively by the manufacturer Motorola themselves. That means that no matter where you purchase your Motorola MB8600 modem, be it from Best Buy at a store or Amazon Prime online or elsewhere, it will have that two-year guarantee of satisfaction included. You’re covered, even if you don’t end up satisfied.

Motorola Mb8600 Specs

We don’t want to lose you to too much technical jargon this early on, but no talk involving the Motorola MB8600 would be complete without mentioning the high DOCSIS ratings of 3.1 and 3.2, both of which speak highly of the MB8600’s ability to compete with other modem manufacturers by using the latest firmware upgrades available in addition to offering the compatibility that Motorola is known for, backing up their word with their promise mentioned earlier for fast internet speeds. The DOCSIS ratings capture that compatibility perfectly on paper, so we can see it for ourselves.

But maybe you aren’t as familiar with DOCSIS and you need to understand what that means in order to understand how it assures speed and compatibility. Fortunately, we have an interview with Jeff Walker, who acts as the Senior Director for ARRIS and is about the highest authority you can reach for answers regarding the migration to DOCSIS 3.1 and any processes that might be involved.

When asked about the use of DOCSIS firmware version 3.1 means to the rest of the industry, Walker had this to say;

Netgear CM1000 Review

NETGEAR Cable Modem CM1000


But with all that beautifully-presented information, we haven’t had a chance to explore the statistics on our second opponent, the Netgear CM1000. Right away, one difference we notice is that Netgear offers a promise of at least $168 per year which is already slightly higher than the offering made by Motorola. But does their modem have the performance to back up speech like that? Let’s find out firsthand.

The first notable difference seen here is what Netgear says about the speeds accessible through their modem. The initial press releases contain the information, “Supports cable internet plans with speeds up to 1Gbps ensuring ultra-reliable internet speed for 4K HD streaming, multi-player gaming and more.” 1 Gigabyte per second? This has approached the next level according to Netgear. With an assurance like that, you can take our analogy earlier of your son, you, and your wife all using their preferred internet services and activities… and double them. That’s exactly correct, as shocking as it might seem.

TWO children online through their gaming consoles, TWO wives looking into their shopping options, and TWO of yourself, each finishing paperwork as fast as possible and streaming a show or music of one of their various streaming accounts. It seems the in speed, the battle is already won. Netgear, we will have your medal waiting for you at the front desk.

Another area of concern is the privacy of the users enjoying the high-speeds offered by both the Netgear (as well as the Motorola) modems. Sure, it is all fun and games enjoying either and the high speeds offered by both, but what about the likelihood of your identifying information being compromised?

Well, worry no more on that either as both come equipped with a helpful Broadcom chipset for dual encryption capabilities. If you aren’t aware of the Broadcom impact on the industry in terms of safety, I’ll let the words of Greg Fischer, himself being Senior Vice President at Broadcom, speak for themselves.

“As momentum accelerates around the availability of 6GHz, Broadcom is excited to be on the forefront of Wi-Fi technology paving the way for ecosystem adoption of Wi-Fi 6E,” Greg Fischer said regarding the innovation of Broadcom in a constantly-innovating world, “With the industry’s broadest portfolio of Wi-Fi 6E silicon, we will enable our customers to build a variety of products that unlock the tremendous potential of 6GHz spectrum.”

Similarities of CM1000 vs MB8600

It seems that the ultimate truth is one you’ve known all along, or else you wouldn’t have ended up here, seeking a solution. Truthfully, the similarities between the Netgear CM1000 and the Motorola MB8600 say much more about both of them than the differences. Both are respected and highly-capable businesses that have left their footnotes in the history of internet accessibility and both will continue to do so.

Both have equally impressive safety standards, as well as the speeds that you and your small business (or family) need to feel fulfilled. It is truly a wonderful feeling, knowing that you’re making a decision between both a truly great competitive option and also another truly grand appealing choice. That’s the decision to be made on Netgear CM1000 versus the Motorola MB8600, at the end of the day. Both will leave you feeling satisfied and assured you’ve made the right decision since both could be considered the right one.

Maybe it could be best described in the words of the artist Andy Warhol, who himself was discussing soft drinks instead of powerful wireless modems, but his words on them still ring true regardless. He said,


Yes, at the end of it all, when we’ve researched and done deep dives into both of these options, the Motorola MB8600 as well as the Netgear CM1000, and delivered all that information directly to you, what we are left with is the comforting words of Mr. Warhol, paraphrased to fit out current dilemma, that “all the modems are good” and while that might not be true with every review of every modem offered on the market today, it certainly fits these two today.