NETGEAR AC1200 vs Linksys AC1200 Reviewed

A Comparison between NETGEAR AC1200 vs Linksys AC1200. It is never a good feeling to be playing your favorite video game and get kicked out at a crucial moment. What about when you are downloading a huge, important file for work and you get kicked off the network for days? Whatever the situation is, people today heavily rely on their networks and Internet connections.

comparing linksys ac1200 and netgear ac1200

Whether it be for gaming, work, streaming, or browsing, every household today needs a good, reliable Internet connection. This is not only something that the right provider can offer, but you also need the right hardware or modem. You can have the best Internet provider in the world, but if you don’t have the hardware to back that connection, you are simply wasting your time and money.

While there are tons of reliable modems and router to choose from today, you won’t find any two more reliable and trustworthy than the NETGEAR AC1200 or the Linksys AC1200. Both are reliable modems that will provide you with some of today’s most innovative network features and options. However, you can only use one, and choosing the one that best suits your network is pertinent for optimizing performance. How do you know which is best for your networking needs? That’s exactly what you are about to learn.

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NETGEAR AC1200 Dual Band Wi-Fi Router


Before you learn about the NETGEAR AC1200 vs Linksys AC1200, it’d be best if you learned a little bit about each company. While both are great, reliable companies, you never want to invest in a product without getting to know a little more about who you are investing with.

The manufacturer is just as important as the product that you are buying because you need them to stand behind it in the event that something goes wrong. All that aside, NETGEAR is a networking company based out of San Jose. They have been in the networking industry for a number of years now designing and developing networking products form small businesses as well as home users.

They specialize in developing wireless devices that create local networks known as Wi-Fi, or witless-fidelity. Simply put, the company’s products are specifically designed to allow users to share Internet access, peripherals, files, digital media content, and applications among a multitude of computers.

NETGEAR does design its products using hardware and software purchased from third-party manufacturers based in Taiwan. So, they pretty much mean they buy the hardware, software, put it together, and then sell the final product through retailers, distributors, and broadband service providers.

Where the company really strives and excels is in production and innovation. It is not only their goal to release as many products as they can, but they also want to release as many innovative products as they possibly can. With a goal of release 12 new products every three months, its safe to say that they have been ahead of the game.

While the company does have its finger in a variety of other accessories and products, it is the wireless products that account for more than half of the company’s entire sales. And, half of these sales are international ones, which is pretty impressive in its own right. As you can see, NETGEAR is a pretty innovative company right at the forefront of the networking industry.

A Bit On Linksys

Linksys AC1200 Wi-Fi Wireless Dual-Band (EA6300)


While NETGEAR is impressive and reliable, Linksys is right there on the same level. They too have been in the networking industry for a number of years now, providing wireless products and accessories to customers all over the world. Linksys offers data networking hardware products to home users as well as small and large businesses. They also offer a wide selection of products that includes everything from modems to routers, Ethernet switches, VoIP equipment, wireless video cameras, audiovisual products, network storage systems, and more. However, it is their modems and routers that they are best known for.

This company was founded in 1988 by Taiwanese immigrants Victor and Janie Tsao but has since changed hands several times over the years. It was purchased by another modem manufacturer, Cisco, back in 2003 and then later sold to Belkin 10 years later in 2013. Belkin was then acquired by Foxconn in 2018, who still owns the company and the Linksys name today. You’ll find Linksys products available in consumer electronics stores, from Internet retailers, and available in big-box retailers like supermarkets. Some of their biggest competitors today are NETGEAR, TP-Link, and D-Link.

NETGEAR AC1200 vs Linksys AC1200 Comparison

Netgear AC1200 vs Linksys AC1200

Download Speeds And Range

Download speeds and range are without a doubt two of the leading factors that home and business network users have to consider when choosing a modem. The speed will determine overall how fast you are able to download, stream, and browse the web. If you don’t have adequate speeds, you simply won’t be able to do some tasks.

Tasks like gaming and streaming can take immense amounts of speed so it is pertinent to have plenty available. Not only this but when you start connecting more and more devices they are going to consume speed as well.

You need a modem that will provide near the same speeds to every connected device. The range of the device can play a role in this as well. If the range isn’t adequate for your furthest device, it will obviously suffer in speed. Said device might even suffer from dropped connections and high latency issues. Whatever the situation, you need a modem that is capable of delivering high speeds throughout the entirety of your home or office.

With the NETGEAR and Linksys, you are going to get up to 1200 Mbps. That being said, this is just what the modems are rated for. Realistically, you will probably never achieve these types of speeds.

With the NETGEAR, you’ll likely see anywhere from 300 to 900 Mbps on the download side. As for the Linksys, it isn’t rated, but you can probably expect similar speeds. The NETGEAR was also built specifically to provide better and more accurate coverage throughout the home or office for all your connected devices, but it doesn’t come with any antennas or beamforming technologies. The Linksys does utilize what is known as beamforming technology. This is a type of technology that optimizes your wireless signal while also strengthening the communication between specific devices and the router.

It basically directs the signal toward a specific device rather than just send it out and letting the device grab it. The result is a faster, more reliable connection even at greater distances as well as a reduction of interference from devices that would normally be problematic.

Modem/Router Wi-Fi Combo

Modem/Router Wi-Fi Combo

One thing that should be noted about both of these modems is that they are actually modem/router combos. What does this mean? It means that they both offer high-speed, wired Internet as well as Wi-Fi. When you purchase either of these devices, you don’t have to worry about purchasing an additional router to gain access to Wi-Fi. It comes with one built-in. This is something that’ll come in extremely handy if you want to make your network wireless. The NETGEAR makes taking advantage extremely easy, as all you have to do is push a button and the network will find your devices.

This is something that’s known as secure push-button Wi-Fi connectivity. It eliminates the need for a long, complicated setup. The NETGEAR also offers what is known as WPA and WPA 2, making the Wi-Fi connections some of the most secure in the world. You can browse free untethered from the network without worrying about security breaches.

USB And Gigabit Ports

USB And Gigabit Ports

Speaking of Wi-Fi and wireless connections, these capabilities are no doubt convenient. With Wi-Fi, you can surf and browse the web without the worry of being physically wired into the modem. This is great and all, but it simply doesn’t provide the speed and reliability that you’ll get when you are wired in.

Sure, wireless technology has greatly improved over the years and can be trusted from gaming, streaming, and the downloading of important and large files. However, it still simply doesn’t match the wired connection. And, this is why it is pertinent to choose a device that gives you the option of both.

That’s exactly what these modem/router combos do. You already learned above that both are modem/router combos. They both also offer four Ethernet ports, meaning that you can connect up to four wired devices as well. Not only this, but they both offer a USB connection as well. However, this is where they differ a bit.

The Linksys is specifically outfitted with a USB 3.0 port, which offers 10 times faster transfer speeds than what you’d get with the older USB 2.0. Unfortunately, the NETGEAR is only outfitted with the USB 2.0, but this is not to say that it isn’t capable of providing reliable speeds. It just isn’t capable of performing like the 3.0.

The Interface

Owning and operating a network is a lot of work. Not only will you have to set this network up yourself, but you likely need to monitor and troubleshoot it from time to time if you want it to perform at optimal levels. Just because your network is up and running, it doesn’t mean that it is running the most efficiently. This is where a lot of consumers end up missing out on pertinent speeds. Regardless, this is something that both NETGEAR and Linksys make easy. Both of these devices come in with built-in interfaces that can be accessed via mobile devices. Both are also compatible with iOS and Android devices.

When you have the app installed on your phone, you’ll be able to take advantage of a wide range of features remotely. Heck, from anywhere in the world, you can monitor and control your network with parental controls, setting up and assigning guest user access, and securing connections.

Easy Installations

Even with intuitive interfaces like the ones that come with both the Linksys and NETGEAR, managing a network is hard. It’s simply a lot of work. You don’t want to over complicate things by making the installation hard as well. Luckily, once again, these are things that you won’t have to worry about with either the Linksys or the NETGEAR. Not only do both of these modems include built-in intuitive interfaces, but they both offer easier than imaginable installations. They are virtually plug-n-play, as you only have to plug the right cables in the right ports and turn the device on.

Your computer, laptop, or connected device should immediately recognize the modem. There are no drivers or disc installation required. No download of additional software or anything. Simply plug your device in, and you’ll be ready to go. Of course, there will be the matter of configuring the username, password, IP addresses, and MAC address but the manual will walk you through all that.


As you can clearly see, both the Linksys AC1200 vs NETGEAR AC1200 are real winners. The truth of the matter is, you can’t go wrong with either modem. However, it is clear that Linkys does excel in some areas where NETGEAR is lacking. And, NETGEAR does offer some impressive things that Linksys doesn’t. All in all, the best modem will be the one that best suits your needs. This about the type of network you’ll be setting up as well as your requirements, and that will help you determine which of these amazing network tools will be right for you.

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