Netgear C7100v vs Arris SVG2482AC Comparison

The Internet has without a doubt grown to be a pertinent tool for many. This is especially true now that most people are working from home because of the COVID-19 virus. Whether you are working from home or not, there is probably a good chance that you don’t give your Internet connection a second thought. All you know is that you can get online in your home or office and everything is swell. Well, it is your modem or router along with your Internet provider that provides you this capability. Without these components, you simply wouldn’t be able to get online.

Maybe you are thinking about upgrading your modem for better speeds. Maybe you figured out that you are dropping connection or can’t get connected in certain parts of the home. With the abundance of modems and routers available on the market today, you won’t have a problem finding one that will eliminate any of these unwanted scenarios. To help better narrow down your options, this article is going to cover two of the most popular and highest selling modems, the Netgear C7100v and ARRIS SVG2482AC.

About Netgear The Company



Before you just run out and blindly invest in a router or modem, you need to understand the company behind the device. While it might not seem like it, a modem is an investment. You always have the option of returning or replacing it, but the goal is to make a one-time sound investment that’ll carry you and your Internet connection for the next oncoming years.

This is why it is more than pertinent to understand the manufacturer behind the product that you are purchasing. With just a little bit of research and time, you’ll clearly see that Netgear has been in the game for a long time. In fact, they are the company that introduced the world’s fastest wireless router. It is this type of innovation and forward-thinking that got the company to where they are today, but does that mean they are reliable?

Netgear is a company that is known for its great line of affordable, sleek, and economical modems that are capable of working with most Internet providers like Comcast and Xfinity. They offer options for just about any networking solution. With their perfect balance of features and performance, you won’t have a problem finding a modem from one of their product lines that will meet your everyday demands and the demands of your family or co-workers. They have options that can support fast gigabit-speed plans, modem tailor-made for streaming videos, modems specifically for gaming, and modems that will support all of the above.

Over the years, Netgear has learned to put a lot of emphasis on convenience. High-speed Internet is all about providing customers with convenience and that’s exactly what Netgear wants to do with their modems as well. Not only are all their modems extremely easy to set up, install, and configure, but they include everything needed for the processes right out of the box. There will even be a handy guidebook that will walk you through the entire process. What’s even more impressive is that once set up, controlling and monitoring your network will be easier than you ever imagined.

Netgear offers an interface with all their modems that is easy to use and understand. With their app-based interface, you can log right into your router from any smartphone or tablet and make necessary and pertinent changes to your device. Need to grant some access? Need to restrict a computer from the network for a few hours? Maybe you have a security concern and want to switch the password.

About Arris The Company


It probably sounds like Netgear is without a doubt the go-to company when it comes to Internet connectivity and networking solutions. This is true and while it is true, it doesn’t necessarily mean that Arris isn’t equally good in their own right. You just learned that Netgear was the first company to introduce the fastest modem in the world. Well, Arris is a company of firsts as well, as they are the first to propose, test, and prototype an extended-spectrum DOCSIS system.

This is a system and technology that is every bit as important as speed. That is not all they are the first of. They are the first to offer a broadband wireless gateway, they offered the first operational all-digital HDTV system, they offered the first whole-home video gateway, and they were one of the first to demonstrate the HEVC compression system,

While they were only the third company to market with onboarding software for wired and wireless devices, they are nearly perfected the process since. The company has over 60 years of global innovation in IP, video, and broadband technology. On top of this, they are not opposed to working side by side with consumers and customers.

Netgear C7100v vs Arris SVG2482AC Comparison

Netgear C7100v vs Arris SVG2482AC

Phone Support

A lot of people do not have a landline phone at home. Nevertheless, a landline can be very helpful. You never know when something is going to happen to your cellphone and that could leave you out in the cold. Having a landline ensures that you’re able to make calls from home and reach people at home. If you have landline service, you’ll want a modem that can support it. The NETGEAR is excellent here. This modem is designed specifically for Xfinity Voice services. It has 2 telephone lines and both support enhanced call features. For instance, you’ll be able to use caller ID, call forwarding, 3-way conference calling, and more.

The Arris Surfboard SVG2482A is excellent too. This modem has been approved for use with Comcast Xfinity Internet and voice services. This means that you’ll be able to use the same features mentioned above. Both devices are great in this area.

DOCSIS 3.0 (Netgear C7100v vs Arris SVG2482AC)

As you’ve likely figured out, a lot of modems are making the switch over to DOCSIS 3.1 technology. This technology is much faster than the older DOCSIS 3.0. However, a lot of devices you have at home are still using DOCSIS 3.0 so you may not want to upgrade just yet. If you’re looking for a modem that is compatible with DOCSIS 3.1, you’ll have to look elsewhere. Both of these modems work fluidly with DOCSIS 3.0 devices. Neither modem is ready to work with DOCSIS 3.1. If this is something that you want from your modem, you’ll want to skip both and look for something else.


When searching the market for a router, you need to get one that offers plenty of security features. This is far more important than you could ever imagine. You need to choose a modem and router that will protect your network and prevent problems. If you don’t, a hacker may break into your network and abuse it. You don’t want to become a victim. So, you should choose one of these routers. The NETGEAR Nighthawk C7100V is very safe and secure. It comes with various safety features including parental controls. Furthermore, it supports WEP, WPA, and WPA2 wireless security protocols.

Thanks to these features, the Nighthawk will be able to prevent strangers from using your network. The Arris is equally impressive. This device features parental controls and so much more.


When deciding which router (Netgear C7100v vs Arris SVG2482AC) is going to work best for you, it is important to consider the range. If you don’t get the right coverage, your home is going to have dead zones and other issues. Thankfully, you will discover that both modems are great in this category. The Arris SVG2482AC features a 4-port Gigabit Ethernet Router and an Xfinity Telephony Modem. The router is superbly powerful so you’ll get great coverage with this device. You’ll also appreciate the NETGEAR Nighthawk C7100V since it offers a sufficient range as well.

With the Nighthawk, you’ll be able to cover up to 1,800 square feet. Furthermore, this device can support 30 devices at once. If you’re going to have lots of people using the Internet at once in your home, the Nighthawk is perfect for you. Both wifi routers offer a good range so you’ll likely be okay with either.


When looking at modems and routers, you will find many differences between them. One of the most important differences in the ports. You’ll find that some have one or two Ethernet ports. Others have a lot more. Furthermore, some do not work with phone services. The good news is that the Arris SVG2482AC and NETGEAR Nighthawk C7100V offer plenty of ports. You’ll likely be satisfied with either device. With the NETGEAR, you’re going to receive 4 Gigabit Ethernet ports and 2 USB ports. You’ll also be able to take advantage of 2 telephone ports. Arris is great as well.

It has four Ethernet ports, 2 USB ports, and 2 telephone ports. In this category, you can’t go wrong with either modem. Even if you have landline service, both modems are going to be great for you.


When looking for a modem and router, you’ll want to get the fastest speeds possible. You don’t want to experience lag when browsing the net, downloading movies, or gaming with friends. So, you need a modem that can keep up with your Internet service plan. While both routers are exceptionally fast, you’ll find that one is faster than the other. This is the main feature that gives the Arris Surfboard an edge over the competition. With the Arris SVG2482AC, you’ll receive lightning-fast speeds up to 600 Mbps. It works fluidly with Xfinity Internet plans up to 600 Mbps meaning it is faster.

The NETGEAR Nighthawk C7100V is slightly slower since it only supports cable plans up to 400 Mbps. This makes Arris the winner in this category. Both devices are fast but Arris is much faster. However, you’ll need to make sure that your ISP supports speeds up to 600 Mbps. If it doesn’t, there won’t be much point in upgrading to the Arris unless you’re preparing for the future.


Arris SVG2482AC vs Netgear C7100v

When you decide to replace your current modem and router, you’ll need to search carefully. You have to go to great lengths to ensure that your new modem is going to work flawlessly with your Internet service provider. Unfortunately, some modems are only compatible with one or two Internet service providers. This is a problem you’re going to experience with these modems. The Arris Surfboard is certified for Comcast Xfinity. This means that it is only going to work for Xfinity subscribers. If you have a plan with another cable Internet provider, you won’t be able to use this modem.

The NETGEAR Nighthawk sits in the same category. The C7100V is designed specifically for Xfinity Internet and voice services. Neither router is going to work with Verizon, AT&T, Dish, CenturyLink, or other companies. If you want to buy one of these devices, you need to make sure that you have a Comcast Xfinity Internet plan. Otherwise, neither device will work and you’ll have to send it back.


Finally, you should think about the warranty. With the Arris, you’ll receive 2 years of protection. The NETGEAR Nighthawk comes with 1 year of coverage. The Arris is better in this category. If you want greater peace of mind, you should buy that modem. Nevertheless, NETGEAR is a great company and it will solve problems as they occur. Still, it is hard to ignore the fact that Arris is giving you another year of coverage.

Overall Assessment

You will find that both of these devices are similar in various ways. Nevertheless, they’re not equal. Therefore, you have to learn more about their pros, cons, similarities, and differences. Once you’ve learned more about both devices, you’ll know which one is going to serve your family best. If you’re interested in getting the fastest Internet speeds possible, you’ll want to go with the Arris SVG2482AC Modem because it is slightly faster. It works flawlessly with Xfinity Internet plans with speeds up to 600 Mbps. The Nighthawk is only compatible with speeds up to 400 Mbps.

Again, it is important to learn about both so you can find out which one will work best for your family. Those wanting the fastest speeds should choose the Arris Modem.