Netgear CM700 32×8 Cable Modem Review

Netgear is one of the topmost reliable brands to consider when acquiring a proficient cable modem. The Netgear CM700 offers high-speed internet with strong and reliable connections through the use of channel-bonding; a method of combining two frequency bands to increase throughput between devices.

Netgear CM700 Review


The Netgear CM700 Modem includes a set of 32×8 channel bonding possibilities, with 32 potential downloading channel bonds and 8 uploading channel bonds. In addition, Netgear CM700 has a reliable speed proficiency of 500 Mbps when multiple devices are in use and up to 1.4 Gbps when one device is in use.

What is a cable modem?

High-speed cable modems are translators of digital data obtained from an internet service provider (ISP) and translated to electronic devices. High-speed cable modems are a tool used to connect digital devices to an internet service provider. The modems obtain data from an internet service provider and translate the information to fit the format of a devices’ network, whether it be through Ethernet or WiFi connections.

A cable modem is created by connecting a coaxial cable and an Ethernet cord to a router or computer. Cable modems are a necessary tool needed for every home network to translate the data signals to the networking equipment.

Design and Components

The Netgear CM700 is compact and lightweight at 249 grams. The design includes triangular ventilation slits that prevent the modem from getting too overheated when it is placed in an upright position. The Netgear CM700 is also equipped with an LED display that illuminates five icons on the left side of the modem. The model comes in a sleek black color so that it is can be placed anywhere without clashing with the décor.

Benefits: Why choose Netgear CM700 Review?

NetGear cable modem CM700

There are many different brands and designs of modems to consider when planning a purchase, and it is important to look at and the benefits and drawbacks of each device before making an educated decision. One of the biggest benefits of the CM700 is the compatibility with several top cable internet providers. The high rate of compatibility ensures a higher chance of retaining the modem if there is a change in the internet provider.

Furthermore, the speed of 500 Mbps with the 32×8 channel bonding allows for streaming and gaming to take place without buffering or losing connection. Overall, the speed and dependability of the internet connection are often regarded as the most important aspect of the modem when considering a purchase.

The Netgear CM700 offers both high speed and strong reliability, which makes it a great choice for those with a high-speed internet package. In addition, the Netgear Cm700 also includes the COSDID 3.0 standard, which is one of the latest standards for the transmission of data and is a reliable source for transmission to occur.

The installation of this device is uncomplex and user-friendly, which is quite beneficial in decreasing the stress of setting up a device potentially outside of many people’s comfort zone. The Netgear CM700 can also work with any WiFi router that is already purchased and a router can be easily connected with a router through the Ethernet port. Lastly, compared to many other routers on the market, the Netgear CM700 is one of the most affordable when compared across other modems with high-speed reliability and stability.

Any Drawbacks with the CM700?


There are some modems that support higher speeds than the 500 Mbps that the Netgear CM700 offers, but the modems that have an increase in the overall speed are also often associated with an additional increase in the overall price. However, if the gaming or streaming people do require a speed larger than the 500 Mbps, this modem may not be the best choice. However, for many individuals, the speed and proficiency offered by the CM700 are more than adequate for their needs.

There is also a drawback considering the warranty, as it is only for a year. While many people may not have a problem with this, it can become problematic if there are issues with the modem after the year is covered by warranty. It is well known that longer warranties ensure that the product will last longer, and a year really isn’t that long for a modem, especially one that does not have to necessarily be changed with a switch in internet providers.

Ease of Use

One way to ensure costumers like a product is to make that product easy and user friendly. Cable modems are not meant to be super complex overall, because many individuals who need to purchase modems do not want the process of setting the modem up to be difficult.

The Netgear CM700 has a simple installation that can be done with minimal knowledge of how modems work. The self-setup online interface aids in making the product user-friendly and easy to purchase. Furthermore, easy access to the power and reset button assist in potential problems that could occur with this product.

Risks to Consider

As mentioned previously, the warranty on the device is one year. Longer warranties can ensure that spare parts are available after purchase, and it is important to consider that the modem may become obsolete more quickly compared to devices with longer warranties. The Netgear CM700 is certified to work with three internet service providers: Xfinity by Comcast, COX, and Spectrum. The modem does not support other cable providers.

Who Should Get It?

cm700 modem

There are many people who would benefit from purchasing the Netgear CM700. The Netgear CM700 is easy to install and easy to maintain. Individuals who want a reliable internet connection for their home or office that is both fast and affordable seriously need to consider this product.

Particularly, individuals that have one of the three main internet service providers can strongly benefit from this modem. However, it is important to consider the fact that while the modem covers Xfinity by Comcast, COX, and Spectrum, it does not cover all providers. Individuals that have a different provider will need to make sure that their provider supports the Netgear CM700 before they purchase the product.


Price is incredibly important when it comes to purchasing a high-quality cable modem.  There is a constant battle between making and sound and solid purchase without overspending on that item at the same time. The CM700 cost ranges from about $95 to $110 dollars. This is a very reasonable and affordable product when comparing the cost to modems with similar features.

In addition, many internet service providers offer modems for rent; however, the total year’s rent can often exceed the cost of a modem. By purchasing the Netgear CM700 there is a good chance of money being saved in the long run, especially after the first year.

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Other Customer Reviews

Customers who rate the Netgear CM700 well note both the high-speed and overall reliability of the cable modem. One of the most common praises of the product is that individuals who purchase the Netgear CM700 are getting the most for the money due to the high proficiency at a low cost.

In addition, the easy installation is also cited as an added bonus of the product, with set-up times ranging from 1-2 hours to roughly 10-15 minutes. The overall appearance of the Netgear Cable Modem CM700 was overwhelmingly positive, as its compact size and sleek design make the product an easy fit into the house or office.

Many of the reviews also clarify the simplicity of this product. For individuals not interested in additional features other modem offers, this is a great purchase. However, individuals that want to tailor their modem to fit their needs and include additional features sometimes voice disappointment at the lack of options the Netgear CM700 gives. Therefore, if someone is looking for a simple product with the basic features that allow easy installation and a high-quality internet connection, the Netgear CM700 is probably going to be a good investment to make.

One of the warnings given in reviews of people who have purchased this product is the tip that the set up may require contact with the internet service provider to activate the newly bought equipment, however, this is not always needed and is often on a case to case basis. Another warning that is mentioned in several reviews is that technical support is sometimes challenging and frustrating when something does go wrong and assistance is needed.

Final Thoughts on the CM700

netgear cable modem cm700

In conclusion, the Netgear CM700 is an excellent high-speed cable modem. The 32X8 channel bonding and speed of 500 Mbps enables users to stream internet content or play games without the fear of issues such as buffering or lagging. It both offers compatibility with the top three internet service providers and has a quick and simple installation process. The Netgear CM700 is a great purchase for both homes and offices at an affordable price.

The Netgear Cm700 is also one of the most affordable cable modems at the high-speed offered, meaning a consumer is getting a high-quality speed at a lower than average price. Overall, the proficiency and reliability of the Netgear CM700 allow for a consumer to not stress over their internet connection and the modem additionally allows for internet streaming and gaming to be both efficient, stress-free, and enjoyable.

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