Netgear R7900 VS R8000 – An In-Depth Comparison

Consumers struggle desperately trying to decide between two very similar products. This is especially true for technology devices, such as cable modems and wireless routers. Two particular wireless routers come to mind. Netgear’s Nighthawk R7900 and R8000 Wireless Routers share many similarities and only a few differences. Both routers are integrated with the latest technologies to ensure consistency on all levels. A list of similarities and differences is provided in the content below.

Similarities Between Netgear R7900 VS R8000

Netgear R7900 VS R8000

As mentioned previously, the Netgear R7900 and Netgear R8000 share many similarities, including high Mbps, continuous signal, and Dynamic QoS. More similarities are listed below.

  • Design

The design with size antennas is similar for both routers. The antennas work together to deliver a wireless signal in various directions throughout a home network. Each antenna is integrated with a powerful amplifier to deliver a maximum wireless signal at various angles.

  • Capability

Both the R7900 and R8000 are suitable for streaming videos, playing video games, and running mobile devices. They also support multiple mobile devices simultaneously, delivering a continuous signal to each device at the same time. All modern homes and businesses have unique Internet and Wi-Fi needs, which is where the R7900 and R8000 come into play.

Both of these wireless routers will support multiple devices at the same time. The R8000 Wireless Router supports up to 50 devices simultaneously, the R7900, on the other hand, supports up to 32 devices. Both will easily support iPads, tablets, laptops, smart home gadgets, game consoles, security cameras, and motion sensors.

  • Beamforming

Netgear’s Nighthawk R7900 and R8000 Wi-Fi Routers are integrated with beamforming technology. This technology is specifically designed to focus the wireless signal on a specific connected device. With beamforming, it is possible to direct a strong Wi-Fi signal at a bandwidth-hogging device.

The other devices connected to the same home network have access to a wireless signal, which is not as powerful as the primary beamforming signal. This will ensure a powerful, continuous Wi-Fi signal for mobile devices utilized to stream 4K movies and play video games.

It is also great for mobile devices utilized to upload and download big data. When a strong wireless signal is required, beamforming allows you to fulfill the need without taking drastic measures.

  • Parental Controls

Both routers are embedded with parental controls. This is a very important feature, especially for parents and their young children. Parental controls help parents protect their children from potentially harmful material. There are thousands, if not millions of websites that contain sensitive material. You will definitely want to ban your children from these sites and others like them. You can do just that and so much more with parental controls.

While both routers have parental controls, the R8000 utilizes the Circle App while the R7900 includes an optional, downloadable parental control app. The Circle App is much more advanced than the R7900 parental control app. Create Internet access schedules for each of your children.

Today’s parents work full-time jobs just to stay financially afloat, making it impossible to monitor their children’s Internet activities 24/7. If you have rambunctious children who like to get into everything, the Netgear R8000’s Circle App download will be your best option.

  • Dynamic Quality of Service (QoS)

Both units are integrated with the latest technologies, such as Dynamic Quality of Service, better known as QoS. This technology is unique, as it improves a wireless router’s capability to manage traffic through improved device and application identification, prioritization of traffic, and allocation of bandwidth.

QoS eliminates the concern of traffic congestion when bandwidth is minimal and at a high demand. It also prioritizes bandwidth for mobile devices utilized to stream movies and to play video games.

  • Ethernet Ports

The Nighthawk R7900 is integrated with five ports – one WAN and four LAN. Utilize the ports to connect your bandwidth-hogging devices directly to the home network. A direct Internet connection is recommended is guaranteed to deliver a stronger, continuous signal compared to wireless connections.

  • Wireless Range

The Netgear R8000 has a wireless signal range of 3500 square feet. The wireless range for the Netgear R7900 Router is slightly lower at 2500 square feet. For multi-story homes, the R8000 Wi-Fi Router will be the best option. The extended wireless range will ensure a strong connection throughout a multi-story home.

Not all homes need an extended wireless range. The Netgear R7900 Router can easily accommodate these homes.

NETGEAR R7900 Wireless Router Review



NETGEAR has knocked it out of the park with the Nighthawk R7900 Smart Tri-Band Wi-Fi Router. It features an impressive Dual-Core 1.8 GHz processor that will deliver maximum speeds of 3 Gbps. In addition to this, users will have access to tons of beneficial features, including QoS, parental controls, and smart connect technology. With six adjustable antennas, you can guarantee that you’ll receive a stable connection from anywhere. The router features LED lights for LAN, USB, and WiFi.

It features a USB 3.0 port so you can easily add a printer or media service to your network. This router utilizes 802.11 AC technology. With the Quality of Service feature, you’ll get the best performance with gaming. Parents will love the parental controls because it’ll allow them to keep their children safe at all times. With the NETGEAR R7900, you’ll enjoy faster download speeds thanks to the latest MU-MIMO features.

  • Excellent Security

NETGEAR wants to make sure that users are protected to the fullest. With this router, you’ll be able to take advantage of the NETGEAR Armor feature. By using the Armor app, you can block viruses and spyware. You’ll also receive instant alerts when threats are blocked.

  • Great For Gamers

The NETGEAR R7900 is great for gamers. It offers numerous features that make it a good choice for gamers. The powerful 1.8 GHz processor ensures you can take advantage of maximum speeds of 3 Gbps. You’ll be able to play your favorite games without any lag whatsoever. Plus, you can use the QoS feature to prioritize the network and make it great for gaming.

  • Excellent Range

When it comes down to it, you’ll want to make sure that your network covers your entire home. This is why you need a router with beamforming technology. Look no further than the NETGEAR R7900. This router offers everything you need thanks to its beamforming technology. This means that the Wi-Fi signal is going to be sent directly to your device. Even if you’re on the opposite side of your house, you’ll still get a reliable connection.

NETGEAR R8000 Router Review

NETGEAR Nighthawk X6 R8000


The NETGEAR R8000 Router is impressive in its own right. It features six antennas and a powerful 1 GHz dual-core processor. The router also features 256 MB of Ram and it uses the 802.11 AC Wi-Fi standard. This guarantees that it’ll work fluidly with all of your newest devices. The antennas can be folded in any direction to ensure that the signal can be directed toward your device. This unit features LED lights for Wi-Fi, WAN, and LAN processes.

This router is very powerful so you’ll receive lightning-fast speeds on dual bands. On the 2.4 GHz band, you’ll receive 600 Mbps. When you switch to one of the 5 GHz bands, you’ll receive 1300 Mbps speeds. You’ll find that this router is perfect for hardcore gamers because it has QoS features. You can use the router to prioritize your network and get the fastest speeds when gaming.

  • Great Parental Controls

Parents want to make sure that their children are not accessing inappropriate materials. Furthermore, Netgear launched the Circle app. This ensures that you’ll be able to control and manage your children’s Internet activities. You can prevent them from accessing certain websites while also imposing daily limits. The possibilities are endless.

How to Set Up Parental Controls on Your NETGEAR Router (Video)

  • Gamer’s Paradise

With the NETGEAR R8000, you’ll be able to turn your home into a gamer’s paradise. This router can easily accommodate the needs of even the most enthusiastic gamers. You’ll always be able to access the Internet using the fastest speeds. You’ll love the QoS feature since it’ll allow you to use more bandwidth when gaming. This guarantees that you won’t experience any lag.

  • Voice Commands

Finally, you should know that the NETGEAR R8000 Router is compatible with voice commands. You’ll be able to connect this router to your Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa. Once you’ve done that, you’ll be able to control your router using your voice. This makes it easy for you to adjust the necessary settings in seconds. You can use your voice to enable the guest network, adjust your settings, and more.

NETGEAR R8000 Vs NETGEAR R7900 – Which One Is Best For You?


When it comes down to it, both routers are impressive. Whether you’re a game or movie enthusiast, there is a good chance that you’ll be satisfied with either. Both routers have many similarities so it is important to look at the minor differences. You’ll want to look at the price because this is one of the most important differences. In addition to this, you’ll find that the R8000 is a new router.

This means that it is going to deliver better performance. If you’re willing to spend slightly more, you should not hesitate to buy the NETGEAR R8000. If you’re eager to save money, you should stick with the R7900.