NETGEAR Orbi CBK40 Review – Features, Pros, & More

The NETGEAR Orbi Whole House Mesh WiFi System will make a great investment for many households because it is lightning-fast, reliable, and capable of covering an entire home. When purchasing a cable modem and router, you’ll have many options to choose from so you need to figure out which model will work best for you and your family. Is the modem compatible with your Internet Service Provider? Does it deliver fast enough speeds? Will it provide everyone in your house with a reliable Internet connection?

The NETGEAR Orbi ticks all of the right boxes. You’ll find out why this is the case in the comprehensive Orbi CBK40 review below.

Everything You Need to know about the Netgear Orbi CBK40 Review

orbi cable modem cbk40


With some modems, you’ll need to buy a separate router and vice versa. This can be frustrating because it’ll increase the overall price of the investment. The good news is that you can avoid this problem by purchasing a modem and router combo unit. This is where the CBK40 enters the picture. This unit comes with everything you need. It features a cable modem, router, and satellite extender. This guarantees that you’ll receive everything you need and an extender.

As long as this product is compatible with your ISP, you can begin using the Orbi Router as soon as it arrives at your home.

  • Compatibility

The United States is overflowing with Internet Service Providers. Before buying a modem and router, you need to find out if it is going to work with your ISP. The good news is that the NETGEAR Orbi is very versatile. This means that it’ll work with a handful of ISPs. This modem can be used with Xfinity, Cox, Spectrum, and others.

However, it will not work for Verizon, CenturyLink, and AT&T subscribers.

  • No More Dead Zones

Having dead zones in your home is frustrating. You want to make sure that your device stays connected to the Internet when you walk around your house. It is great if you can access the Internet from your backyard too. This is what sets the NETGEAR Orbi apart from the competition. This modem and router combo unit can cover a maximum of 4,000 square feet. The package includes a modem, router, and extender.

With these devices, you’ll easily be able to cover your entire home with a reliable Wi-Fi network.

  • 2.2 Gbps Speeds

A laggy connection will turn your life upside down. You want to enjoy your favorite movies, games, and sites without any lag or interference. In other words, you need a lightning-fast Internet connection and modem. This is why a lot of people prefer the NETGEAR Orbi. This device is very fast. It can provide users with maximum speeds of 2.2 gigabytes per second.

The included cable modem is approximately 32x faster than what you’ll get with some of the others. This guarantees that you’ll receive an uninterrupted connection. This device is great for gaming, streaming, downloading, and uploading. It is fast enough to accommodate your needs and more.

  • Supports Multiple Devices

Most households contain more than one person. And, you know that multiple people are going to be using the Internet simultaneously. With this in mind, you’ll need a modem and router combo that can keep up with the demand. Don’t worry about it. Buy the NETGEAR Orbi CBK40 because it will eliminate your concerns. This router can provide you with impressive speeds even when multiple devices are connected to your Wi-Fi network.

This unit utilizes tri-band technologies to ensure that you won’t experience any interference. On top of that, this device uses a powerful Quad-Core processor that will never let you down.

  • Gigabit Ports & More

When purchasing a router, you’ll want to pick one that has multiple ports. This is very important because using an Ethernet port will give you the fastest and most reliable connection. Having multiple Ethernet ports is highly recommended. The Orbi comes with 4 Ethernet ports on the modem and router combo unit. You’ll also receive 2 Ethernet ports on the satellite extender. This means that you’ll be able to connect your smart television, gaming console, and computer to the Internet using an Ethernet cable.

The Orbi also has a USB port that can be used for ReadyShare network printing. You may be able to use the port to add a hard drive to your network too. Some models do not have a USB port so you’ll need to check carefully.

  • The Orbi App

Setting up a modem or router can be very difficult. If you’ve never done it before, there is a good chance that you’re going to run into a lot of problems. Thankfully, it is easier to set up certain modems. The NETGEAR Orbi is designed to be one of the easiest devices to set up. It is user-friendly thanks to the Orbi app (Download on PlayStore, and AppleStore). By installing the app on your phone, you’ll be able to get the device set-up and running in a matter of minutes. On top of this, the app can be used for an array of other purposes.

For instance, you’ll be able to use the app to perform speed tests, change the parental controls, and create a guest network. This is much easier than needing to access the router’s control panel. The app will make your job much easier. Even if you’ve never installed a router before, you shouldn’t have any problem as long as you use the Orbi app.

  • Parental Controls

Finally, you should know that the NETGEAR Orbi makes it easy to protect your children. You don’t want your kids to access naughty content on the Internet but you can’t sit and watch them around the clock. The good news is that this device offers comprehensive parental controls. You can adjust the daily Internet time for websites, apps, and more. In addition to this, you’ll be able to create individual filter levels for each member of your family based on their ages and interests.

By using the parental controls, you can sleep soundly knowing your kids won’t be able to access inappropriate content.

CBK40 Pros

  • Can cover 2-story homes easily
  • Offers very fast download speeds
  • The parental controls are reliable
  • You can stop paying modem rental fees
  • Modem and router in one device
  • Comes with an extender too
  • Compatible with Comcast, Spectrum, Cox, and others


  • Will not work with Bundle Voice services
  • Not compatible with some ISPs

Overall Assessment

The NETGEAR Orbi CBK40 is a decent cable and modem combo unit that will satisfy many households. It works great for larger homes with multiple families. It will provide everyone with a reliable, lightning-fast connection so you can enjoy your favorites shows, movies, and games without any lag or interference.

FAQs on Orbi Cable Modem CBK40-100NAS

netgear orbi cbk40 review

  • Is Netgear Orbi Any Good?

The NETGEAR Orbi is an excellent modem and router combo. It is easily extendable, reliable, and very fast. As long as this device is compatible with your Internet Service Provider, it’ll provide you with a satisfactory browsing experience.

  • Which Is Better Orbi Or Nighthawk?

Which one is better? While both are great, it is important to understand that the Nighthawk possesses the latest technology. It is more technologically advanced but the Orbi offers other benefits. It offers added range, fast speeds, and more reliability. If you’re looking for a device that is easy to install and manage, you’ll want to stick with the Orbi.

  • Is Orbi Worth The Money?

The NETGEAR Orbi is expensive but easily worth the money. It offers everything you could ask for and more. For instance, this device can cover up to 4,000 square feet and it offers speeds up to 2.2 Gbps. Can you use the Orbi with your ISP? If you can, it is worth the money.

  • Is Orbi Made By NetGear?

Yes, the Orbi is made by NETGEAR. This multinational computer networking company is based out of San Jose, California and it has offices in many other countries.