Rent or Buy a Router from Verizon

Setting up your internet connection with Verizon is easy. But choosing between buying a router and renting one from Verizon can be hard. Depending on the circumstances, either one could be the most appropriate solution to your internet problems. To know for sure, each individual has to take into consideration the advantages and disadvantages of both alternatives.

To Rent or Buy a Router from Verizon (Which is Better?)

is it better to rent or buy verizon router

To lend a helping hand, we put together a short article listing the most crucial elements to take into consideration before either buying a router from Verizon or renting one.

Things to consider beforehand

Making the right choice is a matter of understanding your standing before reaching a conclusion. When you’re deciding between buying or renting a router from Verizon, you have to be mindful of several details. Likewise, you have to keep in mind some general facts about routers. Most importantly, the things you want to keep an eye on are:

  1. Choose something appropriate for your connection to avoid issues: when you’re buying a router, always check beforehand your connection parameters. Getting something appropriate for your network ensures that you get the best performance from your router. If you’re renting, Verizon will match you with an appropriate router automatically.
  1. Routers have to be constantly upgraded to keep up with new technologies: every year, connections become faster, safer and more reliable. Old artifacts give room to new and better gadgets all the time. Likewise, routers are likely to need replacement after a couple of years to provide the best possible experience.
  1. Renting a router usually works better as a temporary solution: not everyone wants to commit to buying a new router right away, and that’s okay. However, rent adds up monthly. You can end up paying more money for a rented router than you would for a new one. When you decide to switch permanently to Verizon, make sure to buy the router.
  1. Buying a router implies a certain amount of risk: most routers will malfunction eventually. When you’re renting, getting it fixed (or replaced) is easy because Verizon does all the work. Sadly, when you’re the owner of the router, you have to take care of it. And that usually means spending time and money.

When is renting a good choice?

Renting a router from Verizon comes with a fair deal of advantages. In the same manner, it includes some downsides that can be deal-breaking for some people. Some circumstances call for renting, while others don’t. Namely, the best scenarios for renting, in our opinion, are:

  • You don’t have the money to buy a router right now: it’s one of the most common examples of renting for the right reasons. You need an internet connection, but you just moved in, and you can’t afford a router right away. Getting a rented router solves your problem, and it’s a rather inexpensive solution. Just make sure to buy one as soon as you can, before the rent adds up and keeps you from buying your router.
  • You’re not sure about sticking to Verizon: being loyal to another internet service provider can make you anxious about committing to another company. Renting can ease up your mind about the transition. If you don’t feel convinced enough about making the change permanent, you can keep on renting. When you feel confident, then you can start talking about switching providers permanently.
  • You’re moving soon to an area not covered by Verizon: when you know that you are going to switch internet providers again soon, you should rent a router. That way you don’t have to be stuck with a router that doesn’t work with your new connection. You return the router, and then move on to find a different router for the new house. Just make sure that the new house isn’t inside the Verizon coverage area because then you would be better off buying.

When is buying a good choice?

 Buying a router, on the other hand, has its own set of pros and cons. Buying usually means commitment, and paying more money upfront. However, there are many circumstances when it’s smarter to buy rather than rent. For example:

  • You want to save some money: renting keeps costing you money every month you don’t decide to buy a router. Being indecisive works to your detriment in this scenario. Buying one saves you money in the long run. After a few months, you would’ve spent more money renting than you would have if you just bought the router. If you’re being mindful of the cost of renting, buying seems like the smart choice.
  • You need the best router available: when you buy your router, you can decide on the brand, specs and other details. If you plan on setting up a network that caters to your personal needs, buying is your best choice. It ensures that you get every feature you need from your router, and you don’t pay for features that you don’t. That way you know that your router is capable of the performance that you will be expecting from it.
  • You can do maintenance to the router yourself: as you would expect, you’re not allowed to open the router to fix it when it malfunctions. That means you have to wait for Verizon to get back to you to get it fixed. It can take a while sometimes, even more, when they’re short of staff in your area. When you’re in a hurry, this can be frustrating. However, you can do whatever you please with a router you bought.

In conclusion

After thoughtfully detailing the ups and downs of renting and buying, we don’t seem to have a final answer. While both renting and buying offer a fair deal of advantages, buying seems like the best alternative. However, renting provides a quick solution for those that need it. Both choices have a lot of merits and should be carefully evaluated before making a definitive choice.

Nevertheless, considering practicality, this our final advice: don’t rush into anything. You can start renting a decent router and then buy a better one. It’s all about finding the balance that works for you.